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2020-2021 Fall Registration


Welcome to the 2020-2021 Fall Registration!

Dear Parents and Players,

Welcome to 2020-2021 Stevenson High School Hockey (SHSH).  The new season promises to provide our student-athletes with outstanding opportunities to compete in high school hockey.  As one of only a few high school sponsored hockey programs in Illinois, we are proud to field both Varsity and Junior Varsity team. Hockey is a lettered sport at Stevenson High School and our teams play in the most competitive Illinois High School league in the state.


Per Stevenson’s Athletic Department guidelines, only one sport per season may be played. Ice Hockey is designated as a Winter Sport. Players are permitted to participate in both Fall and Spring sports and any desired activities, even though Hockey spans over multiple seasons.


Schedule and Game Information

The Varsity and JV Gold teams will compete in the Scholastic Hockey League.  In addition to regularly scheduled league games, additional practice games may be added at the coach’s discretion.  Teams will participate in additional tournaments, as permitted by AHAI and as determined safe.  Game schedules and game start dates are tentative based upon guidance from AHAI and the Illinois Department of Public Health.  In the event that games are not permitted to be played and a reduction of ice is sought, there will be a dues adjustment at the end of the season.


The information, guidelines and rules provided below are extensive - PLEASE MAKE SURE to read and understand all of them before you sign up for the program.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Registration Process and Tryout Schedule:
This registration session will require you to enter your player information, your contact information, to sign up for participation, and to submit payment.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover account information available.  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from Stevenson Hockey.


Registration: To complete the registration and make your player eligible for tryouts and participation, you need to accomplish FOUR registrations / steps.  These must be completed by Saturday, August 1, 2020, including payment for the tryout and the first installment.

     Step 1 - Complete your registration with the Stevenson Hockey.  You will need a 2020-2021 USA Hockey number.

     Step 2 - You have to register your player online for the Stevenson Athletic activities. Please use the following link:

    Step 3 – Upload a copy of your player’s current physical to the online Stevenson Registration.

    Step 4 – Complete Safe Sport Training for players born in 2003 and older


In accordance to USA Hockey and AHAI, if you are a 2003 birth year or earlier, you will be required to take the SafeSport Core Training or Refresher Course prior to participation for the 2020-21 season. The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season beginning on 4/1/20.  The SafeSport Training can be located at the following link:  SafeSport Completion certificates must be emailed to Registrar, Dawn Lermer, at


Under no circumstances will a player be allowed to participate in the tryouts until all completed forms, payments and registration steps have been received. 


Tryouts: After each tryout session, the group assignment and scheduled tryout sessions for the following day will be listed on the website. Team selections will be announced at school the day after the last tryout and posted on SHSH web page as well.




If not selected for the team, your fees will be refunded minus the tryout fee.


Terms of Payment:  

Payment must be made via credit or debit card.  There will be no check or cash collection due to COVID-19 and limiting contact at Registration.


Financial Commitment:    

Fall player total fees are as follows:

 Non-Refundable Tryout Fee: $100 for Skaters and $50 for Goalies. 

Player Fees and Payment Schedule:
      Skater:   $5,300

Pay in Full Price: $5,000 (Use promo code "skaterfull" at checkout only if selecting this option)

Installment Price: $5,300
                                $1,000 – Due at Initial Sign-Up
                                $860 due on the 15th of every month starting 9/15/20 and ending 1/15/21


Goalie: $3,250

Pay in Full Price: $3,000 (Use promo code "goaliefull" at checkout only if selecting this option)

Installment Price: $3,250
                               $550 – Due at Initial Signup

                               $450 due on the 15th of every month starting 9/15/20 and ending 1/15/21

If you are paying in full, please use "skaterfull" or "goaliefull" as the promo code at check-out, to manually adjust to the discounted price.  If you are having troubles adding this or it doesn't adjust, we will manually refund back to the card used when the registration comes through.                              

 Required Team Specific Funds:
       Varsity: $300
       JV Gold: $300


The Team fund may be made at registration or via a separate check that is due by August 31, 2020. Team Funds are established for each individual team and will cover extra costs associated for that specific team such as team meals, team t-shirts, team building activities and food during bus transportation. Should the Varsity team be permitted to travel out of town to a tournament and it is deemed safe, an additional into the team fund of approximately $300 will be owed.  This additional fee would cover some of the additional costs for the out of town tournament, such as food, busing and activities.  Hotel costs for the tournament would be in addition to the team fund.  The Team Fund will be tracked by the Association and the Team Manager. A final accounting will be provided at the end of the season and is also available upon request. Any remaining balance at the end of the season will be refunded evenly back to each family.

New Player Package:
Every new player will need to purchase an equipment package which includes two game jerseys (home & away), two pairs of socks, warm-up pants and jacket, shell, and a bag at a cost of $550.
Stevenson bags are required for all players.  Full payment can be made during registration or via separate check due August 30, 2020. A jersey fitting (if additional fitting is needed), will occur on after tryouts at Twin Rinks.   Returning player can purchase replacement equipment at the applicable charge. 


Equipment:  A green helmet and green gloves are required to be purchased through the club if the player is new to the program.  The total cost of this purchase is $265.  Full payment can be made during registration or via separate check due August 30, 2020.



Varsity Alternate Set:  If the player is selected to the Varsity team, an alternate third jersey package is required at the cost of $240.  Full payment can be made during registration or via separate check due August 30, 2020.


Prior Season Dues & Late Collections:  Prior season dues must be paid in full prior to tryouts or the players will not be permitted on the ice.  A player must tryout to be placed on a team.


SHSH policy requires that payment of the player dues, team fund and payment package must be made by the required due date.  Failure to pay any installment by the designated deadline will result in a player's immediate suspension from team activities until payment is made or a payment plan is agreed upon.  Failure to pay will also be referred to the AHAI Rules and Ethics Committee for player suspension.


If for any reason you feel your credit card or debit card will not clear, please notify the Treasurer at least 10 days prior to the transaction date to avoid a late fee.  A 2-day grace period will be given on all payments and then a $100 late fee will apply.


Sponsorships: Stevenson High School Hockey recognizes that playing hockey is expensive. To help offset the cost, you will have the opportunity to attract sponsorships for the team.  30% of the sponsored amount will be paid back to you separately after all payment obligations are met for the season. Details will be available at the mandatory team meeting at the beginning of the season.


Please Note that as soon as your player was put on a team roster, the entire season fees are non-refundable.  There are NO exceptions to include prolonged injury or illness.

Extra-Curricular Co-Curricular Code of Conduct
ALL SHSH players MUST follow the Stevenson High School athletic code of conduct.  A copy of the Code is available on the website. Each player, along with one of his/her parents/guardians, will be required to sign an acknowledgement of the Extracurricular Co-Curricular Code of Conduct Agreement.  In addition to the Code of Conduct, each player and family will be required to sign a copy of the SHSH Player Handbook and acknowledge the additional set of rules/expectations set forth by the club. 


2020/2021 SHSH Handbook


If you have any tryout questions, please contact me via email. We look forward to another great year of hockey for Stevenson High School!



Jeff Harlow

USA Hockey Requirement

Each Player must register first with USA Hockey and then return to this Registration Session to signup for the 2020-2021 Season.

  • Step 1:  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.
  • Step 2:  Return to this registration and proceed. Later in this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Jeff Harlow


Phone: (919) 889-2258